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1. Comprehensive Consultations and On-Site Assessments

If you are a new client and have not yet filled out an Interest Form, please do that here and we will follow up with you shortly: 


If you are ready to schedule a Consultation, On-Site Assessment, or Virtual Q+A Session, please click on the scheduling link below and select your option. Whether on-site or virtually, we will address all of your edible landscaping concerns and questions! Topics for discussion could include: site and growing conditions, location, hazards, wildlife, design layout, implementation strategy, planting choices and spacing, timing and seasonality, successions, fertility, companion planting, plant care, organic methods, pest and disease management, ecosystems, biodiversity, sourcing materials, finding resources, and permaculture practices.


In-Person Consultations and
On-Site Assessments


Assessments are the required first step for any new garden build, must be done on-site of the future garden, and could take up to an hour and a half.

Virtual Q+A

$35 for 45 min.

For Anyone, Anytime

Support with your garden done via phone call

Like a mini-consultation

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