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About Me.

Tess Frawley here! I am an Erie native committed to the care of people and the protection of the planet. I found my way to farming by happenstance, and have been growing food ever since! I love being out in the elements, soaking in the many gifts of Mother Nature, including fresh air, sunshine, critter sitings, and of course, nourishment. Gardening is one of the most direct and freshest sources of sustenance around, and you can feel and taste it! For the dozen years, I have been working to reconnect people with the land through food, and to inspire the next generation to appreciate the blessings and marvels of the great outdoors.

Education and Work Experience


Bachelor of Arts
Mercer University

Pursuing a double major in International Affairs and French, and a minor in Environmental Policy, it was here that I began formulating a lifelong interest in global well-being, healthy nutrition, and environmental advocacy. For many years in my teens and twenties, I struggled with a debilitating eating disorder, and am ecstatic to say that I am out on the other side, with new skills and wisdom about how to nourish myself. During college summer breaks, I worked at the Mercyhurst Sustainability Farm, learning the ins and outs of organic food production. The rest is history! I have cultivated my passions, literally from the ground up. Talk about grassroots!


Coveyou Scenic Farms

Elm Street Gardens

Edible Earth Farm

Nature's Classroom

YMCA Outdoor Ed.

Seeds of Hope Garden

After college, I hopped around, working seasonal jobs at various family-operated, organic vegetable farms in Northern Michigan, Central Georgia, and Northwestern Pennsylvania. These experiences also led me to teaching at several nature-based, youth educational programs in Massachusetts and Erie, as well as to helping spearhead a community garden project in Erie. Since 2018, I have called Erie home once again. 


Eat Your Yard

Farm-to-Table School Programs

After taking a business course in 2019, I launched Eat Your Yard in the spring of 2020. It has been challenging at times and in many ways, and also incredibly rewarding. Nothing refreshes me more than growing plants from seed to harvest, and I love sharing this passion with others also. I now am employed at the Inner City-Neighborhood Art House after school program, through a USDA grant aimed at increasing urban food access. Here, we focus on environmental education and how to grow food in our urban environments. In 2023, I was blessed to be able to attend a course in Permaculture Design, laying the foundation for more sustainable living practices and community fostering. Here's to continuing to grow.


Gardener and Teacher

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