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Why Garden?

Reason #1 - Empowering you to Thrive, Heal, and Relax in Mind, Body, and Spirit

Not only will you develop the skills to grow your own food and to teach

your children, you will also reap the freshest, purist, and most nutritious and delicious produce available, harvested at the peak of ripeness, for you and your loved ones. Retreat to the serenity of your own lush oasis, in the comforts of your own yard. Enjoy the sensory delights, fresh air, and leisurely exercise that accompany gardening, and replenish your mind and spirit. Rekindle your connection with food, reclaim control over your health, and celebrate vitality and abundance!

Reason #2 - Using Principles of Sustainability to Tap into the Rhythms of Nature

By studying and tuning into nature's inherent cycles and rhythms, we can mimic its efficient, self-regulating processes, decreasing our workload and creating more and more value. The goal of this company is to make gardening more and more accessible to people. Paying attention to the numerous functions of our landscape better enables us to maximize efficiency on a home-scale, making gardening easier and more enjoyable for years to come. Every ecosystem is different!

Reason #3 - Reversing Impacts of Environmental Degradation through Communal Care for the Earth

Generating life has impacts beyond the reaches of the garden and the food that it provides to humans. Cultivating ecologically barren lawns diversifies flora and fauna, provides habitat and food sources, restores natural water cycles, prevents runoff, and reintegrates nutrients into the soil food web. Cutting out plastic packaging from the store also diminishes reliance on a far off food supply to grow, process, and transport one of our most basic needs, keeping food more localized.

I hope this encourages you to start gardening! The more we participate in the joys of cultivating, the greater abundance we will receive. Create value in your own backyard. Kick off your shoes and get your hands dirty :)

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