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Comprehensive Packages

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Beginner Seeds Package

Develop skills in self-sufficiency, or simply enjoy the harvest!

This package is designed to help you from the ground up. It is perfect for those with little gardening experience or for those without much time to spend in the garden at first. It includes 7 common and easy-to-grow vegetables - tomatoes, beans, peppers, squash/zucchini, cucumber, onions, and greens, as well as herbs and native flowers. 

Prices range from:

  • Extra small - $650

  • Small - $950

  • Medium - $1,200

  • Large - $1,500


Intermediate Sprouts Package

Delve into more nuanced varieties of vegetables

This package is ideal for those with some previous gardening experience looking to expand their wheel-house of knowledge and flavor palette. In addition to the Beginner Seeds Package varieties, these vegetables - peas, potatoes, winter squash, beets, radishes, garlic, cabbage, eggplant - require a little more care and attention. You will enjoy a diversity of fresh foods each week throughout the entire season.

Prices range from:

  • Extra small - $675

  • Small - $1,000

  • Medium - $1,275

  • Large - $1,600


Advanced Fruits of Your Labor Package

Sweetness of the harvest!

This is for the experienced gardener looking to incorporate even more layers to their existing garden, delving deeper into the functions of a landscape.The diversity of these varieties - melons, carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, berries, corn, herbs, and other perennial options - along with those of the Beginner and Intermediate Packages, makes for a plethora of dinner options!

Prices range from:

  • Extra small - $700

  • Small - $1,025

  • Medium - $1,300

  • Large - $1,625

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Extra Small

25ft² of actual growing space, this is good for an individual person or someone looking just to get their feet wet in the world of gardening


50ft² of actual growing space, plus walking paths, this is perfect for two people venturing into supplying their own food source


75ft² of actual growing space, plus pathways, this provides for a small family or group of people with enough yard space


100ft² of actual growing space, this produces a significant source of food, which can be preserved for winter months

Services: List

What you get:

Each package entails a custom design, your choice of fruits and vegetables, installation, bed of compost, multiple successive plantings (organic seeds and transplants included), trellising structures, regular spraying of homemade, natural pest repellent, biweekly maintenance and care (weeding, harvesting, watering, trellising, pruning, etc.) from June through September, tips and suggestions, and a winterizing service in October. 

A rain wand will also be given to each client for weekly watering between scheduled maintenance visits. Minor maintenance will be required of clients, and a list of tasks will be supplied after each visit. 

Please understand that although we cannot guarantee yields due to potential weather, pest, and disease factors, we will do our utmost to preserve the health and integrity of your plants, from seed to table.

With Eat Your Yard, you can expect a return on investment over time. Each year, initial installation materials and labor costs will diminish, preparing your garden to be very low-maintenance for years to come! Add complexity to your garden and build upon your knowledge base each year with ongoing, minor upkeep to ensure high yields, less work, and more enjoyment in the long run.

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