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Let's Grow!

Have your yard and eat it too! A fresh approach to landscaping and lawncare
Using organic and sustainable growing methods, we cultivate the freshest food possible for you and your loved ones, right in the comforts of your own yard. Enjoy all of the harvest, including unique varieties of your own choosing, packed full of nutrients and minerals. Rest assured that a source of food (and medicine) is close at hand, and rekindle a deeper connection to, and appreciation for, the land that sustains and heals us.
An alternative use of our outdoor spaces - allow a home garden to nourish you in mind, body, and spirit. Get your hands (and feet) dirty!  
We're rooting for you.



How can we help?
At Eat Your Yard, we specialize in edible food production in residential and commercial city environments, using non-toxic growing methods, permaculture practices, and local resources. We believe that nourishing foods are a right of all people, and can be accessible through backyard gardening. Individual health and community thriving go hand-in-hand with growing food, and the Earth thanks us too. Soil health, biodiversity, and ecological regeneration are natural byproducts of the conscientious gardener. By empowering our clients through a collaborative process of design, implementation, ongoing support, and maintenance for their garden spaces, we work to reclaim our landscapes as beautiful, abundant, and refreshing spaces in which to live.

"Eat Your Yard is wonderful because you don't have to sacrifice time to dig, to plant, but you still get the farmer's market right in your backyard. Tess not only has the magical, green thumb, but her passion with gardening and providing her clients with the best Mother Nature has to offer, is second to none!"​

Alexa Young, CA

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Emily Kern has been with us for three years, starting out as a volunteer, and then taking on greater responsibility as an employee. Now, she handles some of the behind the scenes administrative work and writes our monthly newsletter. She is a mother, gardener, and compassionate soul!

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