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2. Garden Installations

We create for you your very own produce garden, filled with the fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs of your choice, and uniquely tailored to your landscape, vision, and budget. We do the hard work for you - addressing site conditions, crafting a design, building soil, sourcing materials, installing beds, and establishing plants - so that you can reap the fruits of our labor. Get ready to enjoy the bounty of homegrown food, plucked right from your own backyard!

Please note: A typical size garden bed would range from 30-60 sq.ft., with a standard cost between $1,100 and $2,200 to establish from scratch.

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Step 3: Garden Installation

Typically 30-90 sq. ft.

for the Average Household

$30 Per  Sq. Ft.

+ Add-Ons


Step 1: Site Assessment

Typically 1 - 1.5


$50 - $75


Step 4: Required Maintenance

For the First Month Only; Typically 2 - 6 Hours/Mo.

$90 - $270/mo.


Step 2: Design Work

Typically 1 - 3


$45 - $135


Step 5: Optional Subscriptions

For Remaining Months of the Season

*Customizable Frequency


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