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Maintenance Service: Features

Set up as a monthly subscription program, you can decide how much assistance you would like to receive in order to keep your garden productive and thriving throughout the season. Choose 1 month at a time, or benefit from an entire season of care. We perform regular maintenance tasks, doing everything from seed to harvest, and in between. Using only natural growing methods, we take care of your plants for you.


Want to Do-It-Yourself, but could use a little guidance?

Consider our                                                             - pick our brain whenever you get stuck!


Monthly Maintenance Subscription: $45 per hour, Weekly, Every Other Week, Or Monthly
For Anyone, Anytime. Start Or Stop Your Subscription Any Month, May - November

How To Sign Up?  

How Does It Work?

Once your garden is in place, it requires upkeep throughout the season. Our goals are to help you maintain a thriving, beautiful, and bountiful garden, and to foster ease, simplicity, and joy in the act of gardening.

Therefore, we provide a plethora of opportunities for support. Starting at a minimum of two hours/mo., all of our Monthly Maintenance Subscriptions come in at $45/hr. of service, whether you are on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. The subscriptions include labor and standard materials to complete the following tasks, based on highest priorities at the time of the visit: planting, mulching, thinning, weeding, pruning, trellising, fertilizing, managing pests (we make our own sprays), mitigating diseases, composting, and harvesting for you! - All using only natural and organic products and tactics

Please Note! Each Garden Installation Package with us requires you to subscribe to the first month's Maintenance Program after the installation, based on size as follows:

  • Less than or equal to 30 sq. ft. = 2 hours/mo. (2 visits @ 1 hr. every other week) - $90/mo.

  • ​Between 30-60 sq. ft. = 4 hours/mo. (2 visits @ 2 hrs. every other week OR 4 visits @ 1 hr. every week) - $180/mo.

  • Between ​60-90 sq. ft. = 6 hours/mo. (2 visits @ 3 hrs. every other week OR 4 visits @ 1.5 hrs. every week) - $270/mo.


Between visits, we ask that those participating in the program:


1. Once plants are established, water at least twice a week, giving the garden a thorough, deep soak. Be careful not to spray too hard, which could damage plants. Water even more frequently young, tender sprouts and seedlings, otherwise they will dry out very quickly and/or become stunted early on. If you are unsure of how wet the soil should be, squeeze a handful of it; it should clump together but not drip too much. Mornings and evenings are the best times to water, to avoid evaporation. However, avoid wetting leaves that are prone to mold/mildew (cucumber, squash, zucchini, melon, pumpkin) in the evenings, because they will not dry out overnight.

2. Harvest at leisure. Eat up!

3. Provide a clean and dry harvest basket, container, and/or cooler on the days when we come, so that we can harvest everything that is ready, and leave it for you in a sheltered location, out of the direct sun and rain.

What is the Virtual Troubleshooting Subscription?

For anyone, anytime. Sign up for one hour at a time - $45/hr. and then schedule in 15 minute increments via phone call throughout the season, whenever you need advice. Here is the link to the scheduling app. 

How To Sign Up?  


Virtua Troubleshoot
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